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Alaskan Cruise | Vancouver

Day of Travel

Day Of Travel
Checking In For Your Flight

It is recommended that you check-in for your flight at least 2 hours BEFORE your scheduled departure time. Check with your airline carrier for specific check-in times for your flight. Checking in late could result in being denied boarding. Depending on your flight, you may or may not be allowed to check-in online prior to arriving at the airport. When checking in at the airport, please have a copy of your flight itinerary/confirmation along with your passport.

Group Arrival Day

Upon arrival at the Vancouver International Airport, follow the airport personnel and directional signs to go through Immigration, then proceed to the luggage claim area. Once you have your luggage, proceed to the Customs area. 

Upon clearing Customs, exit the airport customs/baggage claim area and look for the local Auto-Owners staff who will direct you to the motor coach that will take you to the Fairmont Waterfront Vancouver Hotel. Typically, you can expect the transfer time to the hotel to take approximately 35 minutes. However, transfer times will vary based on time of day, traffic patterns and highway constructions.

Lost Luggage

Lost or delayed luggage is unavoidable and there will be delayed luggage on every group. Plan accordingly and do not let this ruin your trip.

If your luggage does not arrive on your flight, you will need to file a lost luggage claim in the baggage claim area before leaving the airport. Make sure you have a copy of your claim with you when you exit the building. Notify the Auto-Owners Insurance Hospitality Desk located at the resort about your lost luggage so that they can assist you in following up with the airline.

Luggage Fees

Check with your airlines for specific requirements and limitations. Effective January 15, 2018, new baggage restrictions for “smart” bags were issued and policies will vary by airline. All luggage fees are your responsibility and will not be reimbursed by Auto-Owners Insurance. It is a good idea to have your name and address inside of your luggage, as well as a hard luggage tag and the Auto-Owners Insurance pre-printed tag on the outside of your checked bags.

Medical Insurance

For those on Medicare, please check your health insurance prior to travel. For more information, visit:>International Travel>Before You Go>Your Health Abroad

Time Zones

Vancouver, B.C. Canada is in the same time zone as the U.S. Pacific Daylight Savings Time Zone and will be 3 hours behind Eastern Daylight Savings Time, 2 hours behind Central Daylight Savings Time and 1 hour behind Mountain Daylight Savings Time. While onboard the ship and once it leaves Canadian waters, the ship clocks will change over to Alaska Time and then change back to Pacific Time before arriving back Into Vancouver. Alaska Time is 4 hours behind Eastern Time.

All flight arrivals and departures are based on local time.

Travel Insurance

Travelex Insurance Services offer travel protection around the clock, around the world. For more information, please visit Travelex for a quote.

Travel Interruptions

There are times beyond anyone’s control when a flight may be delayed or even canceled. Most airlines will automatically confirm your arrangements or adjust your itinerary to get you to your destination.

There are multiple ways to confirm your new arrangements:

  • You can speak with an airline agent at the airport.
  • If the Auto-Owners Insurance Travel Desk at Gavel International booked your flights, you can call them directly at (800) 811-2427 or (847) 597-8551.
  • You can call the airline directly using their toll free number.

If the disruption results in an overnight stay the airline may or may not offer hotel accommodations and/or meals. Airlines generally accommodate passengers who are disrupted due to mechanical issues, but typically do not accommodate passengers (beyond booking the next available flight) who are disrupted due to weather related issues.

If the airline does not provide assistance, you will be responsible for paying any expenses related to your disruption. If the Auto-Owners Insurance Travel Desk at Gavel International booked your flights, please call the numbers listed above and ask for assistance in finding overnight accommodations. For those traveling on program air provided by Auto-Owners Insurance, some reasonable expenses may be reimbursed and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you booked your own air, you will not be reimbursed for any expenses related to your disruption.

The airline may not be able to retrieve your checked bags in the event of a travel disruption. Your bags may be sent on to your final destination and be held there until your arrival. Keep this in mind when packing a carry-on bag and make sure to include necessary items, such as toiletries, medicines/prescriptions, and an extra set of clothing. Many travelers find travel insurance to be an affordable way to offset expenses associated with delayed or canceled flights.