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Travel Deviations Planning

Travel Deviations Planning

You must choose "Make your own travel arrangements" or "Have the travel agency assist me with my air travel arrangements" during registration and prior to 03/29/19. Travel deviations during the program are not available.

Deviations from the program are defined as any travel outside of your assigned group dates, seating choices other than coach/economy, or booking frequent flyer reward travel. Please refer to the Make Your Own Arrangements or Travel Agency Assisted page for complete details.

Complete Travel Planning

Complete travel planning assistance from Gavel International is available if you would like to make your own air reservations with travel agency assistance and explore what other options are available to extend either before or at the end of your trip. 

Gavel Service Fees

Gavel International Deviation Service Fees
Service Cost
Complete Travel Planning Assistance $300 per couple/family or $150 per person
Air Only Travel Planning Assistance $200 per couple/family or $100 per person
Preliminary Quote Only $50. In the event that you confirm the itinerary, the $50 service fee will be applied to the Air Only Travel Planning fee ($200) or the Complete Travel Planning fee ($300).
Extra Hotel Nights/Upgrade Deviation Fee $50 per booking (including extra nights at hotel or room upgrades)


Note: A booking is considered to be 1 couple on a group; for example, if you requested an upgrade AND requested to extend at the hotel, there would only be one $50 booking fee.

Acceptable forms of payment are American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. Note: The deviation fee will be charged to your credit card when the Auto-Owners Insurance Travel Desk at Gavel International has provided you with preliminary information regarding your request. Once charged, the deviation fee is non-refundable. Your statement will reflect these fees charged by Auto-Owners Insurance Trips.